I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to do the thing I love the most ... draw! I love the challenge and journey each piece presents, whilst bringing something to life on the page ~ giving it dimensionality. 

I work in a realism style, and have always been drawn (excuse the pun!) to eyes ~ I love them! Therefore it's my goal to create emotion in each piece that an individual reveals in their eyes. I hope I can do each one justice.

I predominantly like to work in a square or rectangular format, based on the ratios of the 6 x 6 or 6 x 9 medium format photographic style. This is based on my previous life as a publishing Art Director, and working with polaroids (pre-digital!) ~ and my love for black and white photography, the emotion and textures it evokes and conveys has always fascinated me, much more than colour.

I tend to work primarily in graphite, but have been known to use coloured or pastel pencil, my happy place is graphite though. My work focuses on wildlife and travel portraiture ~ two of my other loves! Another is walking (camera close to hand), and have been fortunate to be able to combine travel and wildlife with walking ~ perfect! 

Whilst I do work with my own photographic imagery for my travel portraiture, I do usually work from images by professional photographers for wildlife.

Influences & inspiration...
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Richard Avedon, Robert Doisneau, Bridget Riley, Kelvin Okafor, Nick Sider, Trevor Weekes, Vince Low, Mrs Best and Mrs Randall ~ my incredibly patient Art teachers at school!


I've always been blessed with the ability to draw, and whilst at school, always wanted to be 'an artist'. Cue reality, and the fact I love food, wine and travel ~ I decided to set off on the path of Graphic Designer, eventually becoming an Art Director, working across some high profile brands. During this time, I literally didn't pick up a drawing pencil for over 20 years.

A few years ago, I left the publishing industry for good to fully commit to drawing again, and fulfilling my idealistic dream from the '80s! It was, still is, daunting!! That self-doubt creeps in at the most inopportune moments ~ something many creatives understand.

Graphite has always been my safe place, and even at University always used graphite until they eventually changed the project objectives to state 'colour only' ~ so conte chalk pastels came out!  Pen and Ink was also a favourite, but most recently I have taken the plunge into coloured pencil ... I'm still wading through that massive learning curve!!

• Bachelor of Art Education.
Foundation year ~ Drawing and Photography. 

College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. 1990

• Bachelor of Graphic Design.
University of Canberra. 1991-1993

• Association of Animal Artists Member